Monday, August 05, 2013

What makes someone Modern Orthodox?

Wikipedia says this:

  • Modern Orthodoxy adopts a relatively inclusive stance toward society in general, and the larger Jewish community in particular.
  • Modern Orthodoxy is, in comparison, accommodating, "if not welcoming" to modernity, general scholarship and science.
  • Modern Orthodoxy is almost uniformly receptive toward Israel and Zionism, viewing the State of Israel (in addition to the Land of Israel) as having inherent religious significance.

Do we agree?  And if this description is accurate and acceptable to all, what do we call men who meet the following criteria:

1) Wear black hats on shabbos, (and perhaps during the week)
2) Send their kids to schools that de-emphasize secular studies
3) Disapprove of college
4) Marry women who are lenient about hair and body covering
5) Generally support Israel and embrace Likud politics
6) Learn infrequently if at all.
7) Make full use of technology, including smart phones and TV

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