Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Look what they are sending home from camp!

One of the Facebookers put this up to protest the despicable pedagogue his or her child is receiving at one of those horrible Brooklyn camps. The item you see is some kind of salad dressing container. Its label reads: Oil and water don't mix; Yidden and Goyim remain separate.

What a great Arts and Crafts project! Is Shlomo Goebels the head counselor?

Remember, though: Modern Orthodox camps where kids might mix swim or straggle back from the pool without their tzitzis are the real danger!

UPDATE: Look what I found on the Interwebs!

"To try to make a hybrid of Germans and Jews is as absurd as suggestingthat Christ and Satan should form a partnership"
 Friday, April 08, 2005 8:01 AM
 Re: Germans who still want to be Germans

Since the end of WW II, Jews have been working very hard - within the framework of the so-called "Holocaust" of course - to crush and squeeze "German-ness" out of the Germans. The ancient enemy of the Jews is the family of White nations of Europe but, for at least a couple of centuries, the German nation has received the special focus of fear and loathing, born of envy, of those Jews who are driven to reduce Europe to a Jewish domain.
Can Germans and Jews be made to form a hybrid of the two? In my opinion, they cannot. To try to make a hybrid of Germans and Jews is as absurd as suggesting that Christ and Satan should form a partnership. Remember, oil and water don't mix! Germans and Jews are polar opposites, even more sharply opposites than are Christians and Jews! The classic German character is one of honor, candor and independence, whereas the classic Jewish character rests on lying, concealment and a preference for authoritarianism.
The most that can be said of a mix of Jews with Germans is that a few Jews may discard or lose their Jewishness and, in essence, take on the psychic orientation of Germans. I believe it works the other way only superficially.
It is no mere accident of history that Hitler has become the number one whipping boy of the Jews. This was inevitable not only because Hitler led the Germans in WW II, but because deep within the Jewish psyche there is a model of their opposite and the one whom they most deeply fear and hate. There is no flesh and blood person who so closely conforms to that model as Hitler.
It may be said as well that deep within the psyche of the racially intact White man and White woman lies a model of themselves, of their own race, lying even deeper than the model of the Christian man and woman.Those Jews who are so assiduously effacing and trashing what is left of traditional White society are profoundly offensive and menacing to the instincts of those White people who are still racially intact.It is inevitable that Germans, bye and bye, will rediscover their deeper instincts. I can't believe the day when that happens is very far away.
One of the marks of a psychically badly damaged White person is that he behaves as though he believes his race is already defeated by the Jews. He believes in his own inferiority and weakness. He believes Jews are superior to his own people. He cannot find within himself the capacity to resist his own extermination, or to believe that it is even possible! In fact, he tries his best to emulate the character of Jews.
Mel Fowler

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