Thursday, July 18, 2013

Well, that didn't take long

We call for peace, love and understanding! Jews must stop insulting each other! Join us in this campaign to end sectarian attacks! 
 - Yitzchak Alderstien writing on Cross Currents a few hours before Tisha B'av started

We hate Open Orthodoxy and everything it stands for! Down with Open Orthodoxy! 
- Avrohom Gordimer, writing on Cross Currents a few hours after Tisha B'av ended.

Above, the respective posts are paraphrased. 

Here are real quotes:

We recall the words of the Netziv in his introduction to Bereishis. He describes a generation of “chassidim, tzadikim and amalei Torah (righteous and learned people),” who nonetheless were not viewed as acceptable to Hashem, because “they treated anyone whose ways were not to their liking, as suspect of …heresy and through this, came to bloodshed and to all the evils of the world.”  - Yitzchak Alderstien

And then...

"Outright heresy is emanating from the heart of the YCT rabbinic world." - Avrohom Gordimer,

Is there an award for fastest flip-flop by a fraudulently frum website?

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