Tuesday, April 09, 2013

Michael Weiner Savage

by @azigra

קול רינה וישועה באהלי צדיקים 

The true Torah True Judaism segment of Klal Yisroel were overjoyed and elated by the great and tremendous Kiddush Hashem which occurred yesterday evening B'rov Am Hadras Melech, on the national radio show of Michal Savage שר"י.

While the vicious Jew Hater host bashed our great and holy Mesorah of Metziza B'peh a Yid and Talmud Chochom called the show to stand up for Kovod Shamayim and Kavod Hatorah by defending our holy Torah from which every Jews draws their life, purpose, and inspiration.

When challenged at 27:11 with Halachos of the adulteress and the known abomination ר"ל to claim that we have disregarded certain laws, the caller, a true Charad L'dvar Hashem, responded with true Ruach Hakodesh that we dont stone adulterers and abomination people because "we can't," he went on to say, "I'll explain you.......they cannot follow the rule unless they have a Jewish court......we cant [kill] without a special court and probably when Messiah (he means Mashiach) comes we will."

 The Kidush Hashem only gets bigger and bigger from there, listen for yourself below on your kosher electronic device.


UPDATE: click through for last night's follow up show.

  Search for more information about קול רינה וישועה באהלי צדיקים at4torah.com

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