Tuesday, March 27, 2012

When did England become the worst country in the world?

 Some stupid UK frat boy named Liam Stacy is going to jail for 57 days because of a Tweet That's crazy

What Stacy did was this:. After seeing Fabrice Muambo collapse on the field during a soccer game, he let his followers know he was happy to see Muambo go down, and hoped he was dead. [Actual Tweet: L"OL, **** Muamba. He's dead."

 When people protested, Stacy retaliated with a series of ugly, racist comments.  Eventually the police were notified, and because Britain has no violent crime, Stacy was investigated and imprisoned.

Stacy's behavior should not be forgiven, but a jail sentence? For being an idiot? DovBear doesn't approve.

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