Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Ghosts of Lag B'omer Past

Here it is: The Lag b'omer Palooza you didn't even know you wanted:

  • Why the Meron pilgrimage is an argument in favor of calling women for aliyot
  • The Lag B'omer bonfire is every bit as foreign as the Yom Hashoa siren. [More]
  • Jameel has translated an article which suggests our lag bomer celebrations came into existance because of a scribal error... [More]
  • Yeshuahs For Sale (act fast) [More]
  • Celebrating after the terror of mass plague: Why in the world is Lag B'omer a holiday? [Read it]
  • Is the bonfire a religioun abomination on the order of insect snacks and sodomy? [Read it]
  • Why don't we do anything for Rabbi Yehudah, author of the Mishna? [Read it]

Search for more information about Lag b'omer at 4torah.com.

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