Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A note from the Old Timer about something to horrible to be believed

[DB: OT sent this to me back in February; for reasons best left unexplained I just came across it today]

Hi Dov Bear,

I was talking to an aquaintance who davens in my shul this past Shabbos. This man who is typical black hat yeshivish owns a store in Monsey that sells perfume, cosmetics, and other apparel for women.

This past week 2 chasidishe young met came into his store and claimed to represent the "Vaad Hamishmeres Hatznius" of Monsey. They demanded that he remove a display from his window that contains the picture of a woman from the neck up. He also has stockings displayed in his window and he was told that they must be covered up because they are intimate apparel that can lead a man to have impure thoughts.

He told them in no uncertain terms to get lost and that they had no business entering his store to begin with because it only caters to women. Furthermore, he told them there is nothing non-tznius about a woman's picture from the neck up and that he will not submit to standards that exceed what the halacha says is permitted. Unlike the Chaim Berlin incident, his store is located in an all commercial zone and is not in proximity to any yeshiva or kollel.

They told him that the next time they come back they will not be so nice and cited the example of the boutique in Boro Park that recently had their windows broken. They also told him that women will soon be required to cover their faces in the same manner as they now cover other parts of their bodies and therefore his cosmetic business will have no future.

To make a long story short, he threw them out of the store with the words that "this is Monsey, USA and not Kabul, Afghanistan and we do not follow the "chukas hagoyim" of the Taliban.

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