Friday, February 09, 2007

Shear support

Miriam Shear is the woman who was beaten on a bus in Jerusalem, as reported on DovBear first, ie before the newspapers and other bloggers got it.

Now a witness has come forward to corroborate her story:

My son just contacted me and directed me to this site. He is attending Yeshivat Sha'Alvim. This is in fact the very story I relayed to my family when I returned from Vatikin one early morning in November during the week of Thanksgiving. I had just passed thru the security and saw about 8-10 women around a tall man wearing a black hat. He stood about 6'2' with a neatly trimmed grey/blackbeard. The women was repeating the story of what had just happened on the bus. She was sickened by the fact that this man spit in her face because she was on this bus. She said something like how could a religious frum person behave like this. He tried to walk away because someone said the police were on the way. All of the women tried to create a tight wall around the man to prevent him from leaving before the police got there. He pushed his way thru the women and started to proceed accross the plaza towards the kotel. He was walking reallyf ast but the one women was right at his side. I was right behind both of them as we proceeded towards the wall. As they approached the wall the lady stopped out of respect of the fact that she could not go any further. Some men came up to the lady and screamed at her for being where she was. The man quickly dissapeared into the tunnel to the left of the wall. The lady turned to me and asked me to go get the police but someone had already called them. The police were there in less than 30 seconds. We gave a description of the man and they went in to see if they could find him. They brought someone out but it clearly was not the correct man. If anyone knows how to contact Mrs.Shear please let me know. I have a picture of her and the man as they were walking torwards the kotel. Maybe someone will recognize this man. This was the picture I showed to the police before they went into the tunnel.
Ed, if you'd like to appologize to Mrs. Shear for publicly denouncing and doubting her story, I'll be pleased to pass your message of regret on to the appropriate party.

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