Monday, August 16, 2010

Spying Yeshiva Update

In comment #67, G*3 catches what many of us missed
Something just occurred to me. The students at Tiferes Yisroel are already banned from using the internet anywhere for any reason, and the school isn’t changing that rule. Therefore the web filter/chaver service isn’t meant to keep the students from visiting inappropriate sites, but to control the PARENTS. Either that, or the school feels it cannot trust the parents to watch their kids. Not only has the school arrogated to itself the right to raise its students, its treating the parents like high-school kids living in the dorms.
What’s next, a service to ensure that all food brought into students’ houses is kosher? Maybe the local shuls will have to start taking attendance and submitting member lists and standings. If a student’s father is absent once, the student is suspended for a week. Three absences and he’s expelled.
He's right. The school isn't attempting to make sure that kids stay clear of porn. They're making sure that parents are using the Internet correctly. This is outrageous.  Its also blackmail because the schools know that parents have no choice but to comply. Its already August after all, To turn down this demand is to risk your kids place in school.

I restate my earlier position: Schools should let us raise our kids ourselves, and to make demands on how we parents conduct ourselves behind closed doors is an terrible abuse of power. I liked Ha-Safran's compromise idea. Let parents call the schools once each month and assert that everyone in the household followed halacha. That should be enough.

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