Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Holiday Cons and Heresies

I see that pious-seeming Jews with long beards, and a familiarity with words like "tazdik", "kvitel" and "pidyon" are breaching the sanctity of our homes and polluting them with words of heresy and chicanery.

It reads: Oh, how it pains Hashem to see a tzadik in pain.
This is kfira. God feels no pain.

It continues:  Thus Hashem is compelled to to bring salvation....

This is kfira. Nothing can compel God to do something.

It concludes: Your contribution of $100 or more to Vaad Harabbanim will be submitted to the tzaddik of your choice. In addition a minyan of pious Jews will pray for those named on your kvittel for 40 consecutive days at the Kossel.

And now we're thisclose to mail fraud. The stops just short of promising that your $100 donation guarantees that your wish will come true. Instead it says that God is compelled to alleviate a Tzadik's pain (heresy) so please send up your money and a note detailing your troubles. The Tzadik (presumably in pain about your issues) will pray for you, and (presumably) the prayer will be answered, and your problems will be solved.

Unfortunately, I can't imagine a real tzadik agreeing to take part in such a scheme. 


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