Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More strife in the house of Cross?

Well, this is interesting.

RYA has published a  harsh article about Orlo which basically says the guy is, well, an idiot and a moron for insulting Hersh Weinreb in a public forum.  It concludes by suggesting that the organizations that employ Orlo "part ways [with him] and regain the position of respect they deserve." Only guess what? The article does not appear on RYA's home blog, Cross Currents, but on RHM's Emes Ve-Emunah.

What do we think this means true believers? Is it possible Yaakov Menken told RYA that his post couldn't appear on CC because it was unkind to Charedim? That fits what we know about Menken -- for 5 years Menken has faithfully minimized, denied and ran interference for every Charedi wrongdoing from riots to child abuse to murder. Spiking RYA's article would be perfectly in keeping with Menken's dishonest and disreputable approach to blogging.

Anyone know the truth?

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