Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Immanuel Shows Their True Colors

A Guest Post By E. Fink

For the second time in recent memory, Immanuel is in the news. A few months ago the Supreme Court of Israel ruled that the Bais Yaakov was discriminatory towards Sephardi girls. Parents went to jail for defying a court order and eventually order was restored.

The frum bloggers defended the holy Jews of Immanuel. "There is no intolerance here" the leaders of the community proclaimed. And many folks bought it.

Yesterday we learned that for driving a go-kart, a girl (non-male) will get thrown off the go-kart, the go-kart will get damaged, the owner of the go-kart will get cursed and the brass of Immanuel does not seem to have a problem with all this.

To me, this completely undermines their credibility. Is this the community of tolerance and unity that we were told about? Even if I was willing to submit that the Bais Yaakov saga was invented by the courts and the "left wing media", the go-kart story tells me what I need to know about Immanuel.

They ARE intolerant. Or at the very least, intolerance from their rabbis is present and acceptable in their community.

To the credit of the frum blog readers and commenters, the condemnation of this crazy go-kart rabbi has been near universal. I just haven't heard anything out of Immanuel yet...

Search for more information about intolerance at 4torah.com.

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