Monday, August 23, 2010

Mosque vs Cultural Center Debate Videos

A Guest Post By E . Fink

(DovBear indicated last week that he was done with the Cordoba Center debate. I ran this post on my blog last week but didn't crosspost because I wanted to respect the Baal Hablog's wishes. The moratorium has been lifted so here it is.)

I honestly cannot believe that this story still has legs.

Silly me. I actually thought that if people knew the truth about Cordoba House they would simply cease to oppose its existence. (See: The Mosque at Ground Zero Has A Marketing Problem)

Yet, weeks later, people still call it a mosque and people still think it is being built at Ground Zero and people still think it is being funded by Osama bin Laden and it will become a terror cell and the reason they are building the mosque is to proclaim victory for Islam etc etc etc.

(You really should read the (insane) comments on my blog Ground Zero Mosque vs. Downtown Manhattan Islamic Cultural Center: Video Debate and Facebook page: click here to see what I mean.)

I have seen several videos about the issue. I have placed two of the videos on this page. Watch them both and you decide who makes the more cogent, reasoned, fair arguments.

I present you with Keep America Safe's latest video:

And I present you with Keith Olbermann (with whom I rarely agree):

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