Wednesday, February 14, 2007

With friends like these...

Did you know evolution is a Pharisaic plot?

I kid you not.

Ben Bridges of Georgia, a state senator, and a Republican (duh) is passing around a memo claiming that evolution is a teaching of the Jewish religion, dating back to the time of Jesus's old enemies, the Pharisees. (Those Pharisees were reaaaally smart: 2000 years before Darwin and evolution they had the big bang and evolution all figured out.) According to Senator Bridges, Jews like you and me are continuing the work of the Pharisees by sneaking evolution into the public school curriculum where it can poison the souls of good Christian children.

And, if this ridiculous accusation sounds anything like the libels of Muslims who similarly claim that Jews poison reservoirs, I assure you it's a complete coincidence. Unlike those nasty Islamicists, GOP wingnuts like Senator Bridges are our friends.


[News article provided by Mis-nagid]

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