Thursday, February 22, 2007

My issues

Attention prospective candidates for president. If you wish to win my endorsement, you must pledge to dedicate yourself to the following achievements:

(1) Immediate withdrawal from Iraq. You can frame it as a victory, and give the troops a parade, if you like, but there's no further reason for us to be in Iraq. Our presence isn't preventing terrorism, and it's not doing anything to improve my quality of life. It's just a waste of life and money on a Brobdingnagian scale.

(2) Universal, single-payer health care Just about every Western country has it, and on average the citizens of those countries live longer than we do. (We're 42, behind places like England and France. USA!USA!) Also, they never have to worry about being financially wiped out by a catastrophic illness. I want me some o' dat.

(3) Repeal of the Bankruptcy Act of 2005 When this law passed, I think even unrepentant GOP-Jews started to realize that the republican Congress was a wholly owned subsidiary of big business. The bankruptcy act of 2005 was cruel, immoral and un-American. And it made things rough for the heimish, too.

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