Tuesday, February 06, 2007

What's bothering Rachel?

Saturday's Globe and Mail [link] had something to say about Miriam Shear, and Israel's Jim Crow laws. Not much in the article is new (and those Canadian creeps didn't credit this blog as the Shear story's original source) but this quote caught the eye of one of my correspondents:

"It's more relaxing, because the males are in the front and they leave me alone," said Rachel Orlowick, a Toronto-born religious Israeli on the mehadrin No. 36 bus in Jerusalem this week. Yet even as she speaks, the heavily pregnant Ms. Orlowick grabs at a handrail as she casts around for a seat in the crowded rear, though there are several places open at the front.

Why in the world would a "heavily-pregnant" woman think its "more relaxing" to struggle for a seat in a section segregated from the men? And, excuse me, but "they leave me alone?" Are Meah Shearim men really that lecherous? [Doubtful] Is Rachel really that hot? [Doubtful]

So what's bothering Rachel?

Who is Miriam Shear? http://dovbear.blogspot.com/2006/12/religious-woman-beaten-by-chareidi-men.html

Hat-tip: She who must not be named.

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