Monday, February 12, 2007

Down with Donahue

The new blood libel is that Jews control Hollywood and use movies to attack Christianity and spread immorality. It's chief advocate is conservative creep Bill Donahue who was back on television this week defending his earlier slanders.

Some questions:

- What does Bullying Bill have to say to get himself banned from polite company? He's already told us that Hollywood actors would happily sodomize their own mothers for a buck. If goats and the devil are mentioned in his next attack on the Jewish people, will CNN finally stop calling him?

- Where are these anti-Christian movies Bill drones on about? I'm not a regular at the local show hall, but I do read the paper and try to keep up. If Hollywood was crusading against Christians, I'm certain someone other than Bill would have reported it.

- Have Toby Katz and Bill Donohue ever been seen together?

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