Monday, February 12, 2007

Toby Tackles Miriam Shear

Shorter Toby Katz: "If Miriam Shear arranged in advance to video tape her abusers, it is as if the abuse never happened."

Anyway, as Toby's own commenters have pointed out (and with a fair amount of ire) Miriam Shear's email address is easily found via Google; Toby's blog colleague Jonathan Rosenblum spoke to Miriam Shear directly; and on the DovBear post where Miriam's account first appeared I offer to assist with verification. I'm only a degree of separation or two away from Miriam Shear, and I can put any doubters in touch with her quite easily.

If Toby's questions about what happened on the #2 bus that day in late November were serious and objective, she might have attempted to contact the victim before using her platform at Cross Currents to cast aspersions on the story. She didn't. If her goal was something other than crude apologia, it's fair to ask: Why not?

Toby's post:

PS: Get a load of Ed insisting that Miriam Shear got what she deserved. (in the comments) Naturally, Cross Currents publishes Ed's remarks unedited. Given how Ed's interests intersect with the goals of that blog, I bet it's only a matter of time before he's invited to join the team.

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