Sunday, January 09, 2005


Or, finally, some Service Journalism you can use.

First stop on this week's Havel Havalim, our weekly trip around the Jewish Blogosphere, is in the Town of Ari Goes Down where Ari engages in our most favorite activity: mocking talk-show guests. Her target is Michael Moore, which is swell, and lots more power to her, but a simple set of substitutions shows the fallacy of her approach:

ARI: "Michael Moore loves this country... Right on pal. Riddle me this though... what is he so fond of here?? It's not our government, not our caucasians, not our large companies which employ thousands of our citizens, not our drug companies, not our high schools {please}, so I repeat, what does he love so much?"

DOVBEAR: Bill Donohue loves this country... Right on pal. Riddle me this though... what is he so fond of here?? It's not our Hollywood, not our newspapers, not our blacks, not our Jews, not our urban neighborhoods where thousands dwell,not our culture, not our freedoms, not our high schools {please}, so I repeat, what does he love so much?


On to Aidel, where the Maidel did our second most favorite thing: by pointing out the Church's teshuva is far from complete.


Next stop: Blog in DM where the happy hasidic musician(who has recently seen his career take off) has discovered that people are even stupider than we imagined. "iTunes has at least nine tracks of downloadable silence," he says. If that's true, a career awaits me in music. In fact, here's my first song:


And, finally, we discovered a post that registered more than 50 comments despite a clear and obvious disadvantage: It was not authoured by one of the anano-Hassids. Why do their self-absorbed posts draw so much attention? On further examination, we found not nearly so many of those 50+ comments as we first thought were written by RenReb, who, incidently, has been dialouging.


Other notable J-links from the week that was:

Rachel Ann was mean to her kids; Ayelet discussed her weight; Noa walked her dog; Sara drooled for shoes and came clean; Esther lifted a glass to the Bund pan; Chakira played with fire; Cara mailed her application; nominations began for the first ever LGF appreication JIB awards; David Duke (surprise) blamed the Jews; and Katla Kanya said something funny in a language I don't understand.

Do you find Simcha Gil a bit serious? Us too. Could this be why he tried something new:games.

Mochassid discovered new ammunition for his never ending shul decorum battle. There were some good ideas here, too. Misnagid smacked around some rabbis. If this offends you tell him I am not Misnagid's keeper.

Simp told a cute story about his kid. Gilly was called up on Miluim. Hitler is dead, and Sha wishes this would be remembered.

Miriam discovered that some Arabs don't like the Israeli flag, and, as we said when Biur made the same find: "It may not be torture, but it is a violation of the Geneva Conventions. And anyway, that [wrapping prisoners in flags] wasn't the greatest example of abuse mentioned in the story..."

We did like Miriam's review, though. Mucho.

PsychoToddler, who was busted a few weeks ago, now puts that to his advantage. Here's hoping the boss of his shul reads his blog. We do. PT also made music with his kid.

Jack's crying again, this time about a Trepenwitz story. We like Trep. He writes like an angel, that Trep, even if he does chop liver with a gun on his belt.

Adam updates. Now what about Burry, Mindy, and YitzhakEyezick?

This concludes Havel Havalim Edition #4. Thanks for being here.