Thursday, October 28, 2004


Whoops. My bad. I should have remembered no self-respecting mangler of the English language would use the word OK. Not if they want to work for the Jewish Press, anyway. Which is, of course, my dream. That headline should have read, "We would like you should know that English is maybe permissible."

So sorry.


Sarah said...

I used to be an English teacher, and taught English grammar at the college level. I did download the Jewish Press article and started "editing" it, but there were so many errors that it was taking up too much of my time. I'm trying to have a life!

Perhaps though I will post a list of the errors soon. Keep checking my blog to see whether my efforts to have a life are not succeeding.

DovBear said...

Are you the Sarah who offering Free Ipods? (see comments to BLAME BOB (or JOHNNY) NOT BILL) Or are you a different Sarah? So confusing. If you are the Sarah I think you are, well, you have a life. A good life. We read about it every day on your blog.