Thursday, October 28, 2004


ESPN lets us know that Bill Buckner"has personified the Curse to many tortured Red Sox fans."

Yo, Red Sox Nation. The score was tied when Billy Bobbler let the ball roll through his legs. The man you want to villify, and possibly burn in effigy, if not in person, is Bob Stanley. His wild pitch allowed Kevin Mitchell to score the tying run, setting up Buck's Boner. In fact, if you want to hang the curse on someone, hang it on Johnny Pesky. If he'd gotten the ball out of his glove in time, there'd be no friggin' curse.


DovBear said...

Pesky pesky link located here:

Jack Steiner said...

I met Bill Buckner when he was playing for the Dodgers. I was around 7 or so and remember his shaking my hand and talking to me. He was very nice. I have always felt badly for him.

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