Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Review of the iPad / iPhone Tikun by Rusty Brick

I recently tested the iPad / iPhone Tikun Korim - תקון קוראים - by  RustyBrick, Inc.. (For those not in the know a Tikun is a study guide used when preparing to chant the Torah reading)

Tikun Korim - תקון קוראים - Practice Your Bar Mitzvah Parsha - RustyBrick, Inc.

Here's my brief review:

What it does
Everything an ordinary Tikkun does, with a few extra wrinkles:
:: You can record yourself, and email the recordings.
:: You can listen to a professional Torah reader recite the Taamei Hamikra
:: Its an iPad so search is a breeze. You can also zoom and bookmark. The whole Torah is included. No Haftorahs, though.

What I liked
:: You've got the whole Torah in your hand, in your hand. Indisputably cool.
:: In landscape mode you can see both sides, ie, the side with vowels and notes and the side without. Flip to portrait and all you see is the Torah side. This makes cheating impossible. (On the iPad anyway; didn't try the iPhone)
:: Nice font, and it follows the new practice of using caligrophy for the vowel side (when I was a kid the vowel side was in an ordinary Hebrew font)

What I disliked
:: The professional Torah reader only chants the trup. If you want to hear him read your portion you're out of luck.
:: And oy! what a voice he has. I feel bad criticizing the fellow, but his leining voice is very hard to stomach. 
:: Only Ashkenazi is provided. If you're German or Syrian the recording will sound strange to you. 

Bottom line:

Buy it: Right here.

The price is right, and the functionality is complete and flawless.

The creator writes: You can download audio (ashkenaz/sefard) for a fee, per parsha for the whole torahs & haftorah text is there & audio coming, but text is there.


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