Saturday, October 01, 2011

Nu Chevrah, what time did you finish, and what did you read and eat?

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At 1:45 on the first day, and at 1:15 on the second.

Quality of the chzzanut:
Solid, but not excellent. Too much of the music they selected was from the last two decades.

Quality of the introspection:
Pretty good, I think.

Quality of the reading material:
Not bad. I do not read in shul but at home I polished off a book of essays by Chief Rabbi Saks and several pages of Pirke de Rabbi Elazer (critical edition). What I liked best was the introduction of the latter book, which included a long review of the various arguments about the book's dating, and a list of the various places its theology is echoed or disputed elsewhere in the rabbinic pseudograpia. Happily, the author reviewed the material without taking sides.

Quality of the food
First rate. We had duck slathered with honey on the first night. (The dish has an official French name that escapes me) Lunch the next afternoon was pot roast, followed that evening by schnitzel. Friday lunch was salmon, sautéed on the spot, and for dinner we had kalichol. Shabbos lunch was at friends. The three soups were leek (one of the auspicious omens), vegetable, and meat. Side dishes were too numerous to list, but the one I liked best was a cucumber and pepper salad; second best was quinoa.

Now its your turn.

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