Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Reader Animadversions

Search for more information about the meaning of the word animadversion at 4torah.com

Hey DovBear you dumb moron....
    Don't you know the plural of lulav is lulavim?

Yes. I got it wrong.  Sometimes our brains betrays us. I haven't fixed it because that post is now the #1 Google search result for "lulavot." Every other result on the page are Judeo-Christian.

Hey DovBear you dumb moron....
    Don't you know that tukki is Hebrew for parrot? A peacock is a tavas

Nope. This time I was right. In modern Hebrew a parrot is a tukki, but I think that must be a relatively recent semantic shift. In biblical Hebrew, the word for peacock is tukki.

1 Kings 10:22
כִּי֩ אֳנִ֨י תַרְשִׁ֤ישׁ לַמֶּ֙לֶךְ֙ בַּיָּ֔ם עִ֖ם אֳנִ֣י חִירָ֑ם אַחַת֩ לְשָׁלֹ֨שׁ שָׁנִ֜ים תָּבֹ֣וא אֳנִ֣י תַרְשִׁ֗ישׁ נֹֽשְׂאֵת֙ זָהָ֣ב וָכֶ֔סֶף שֶׁנְהַבִּ֥ים וְקֹפִ֖ים וְתֻכִּיִּֽים׃

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