Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Hosanna lmaancha elokeinu hosanna

I like hashana raba. Call me crazy, but I do. I like the semi sacredness of the day. I like the piyutim. I like the going in circles. I like the banging of the hoshana bundles. I even like how some yokel always bangs at the wrong time every year, and gets screamed at by a bunch of other yokels who've just that second finished begging God for mercy and salvation. Treat other people as you would have God treat you. Remember?

I like hoshana raba so much that I refuse to do any research into its origins. If we copied any of it's elements from monks or monkeys or Muslims, I don't want to know about. This is a weird, strange, primitive day full of fabulous prayers and wild rituals and I have no interest in finding out how it got that way.

Let it remain a mystery.

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