Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Yeshuahs For Sale (act fast)

This website (provided by LKA) promises all sorts of outstanding benefits to anyone who sends $100 to the organization which runs the comfort tents at Meron. The website is FULL of John Edwards style testimonials from People Who Had Their Lives Changed as soon as they ponied up the 100 clams.

In fact, it seems clear from the website that the only reason why anyone is poor, sick or childless is b/ they are too lazy to get their rear ends to Meron. (I am pretty mad at my teachers, by the way. They told me a needed to learn, and do mitzvos, and be nice to others. What a load of baloney. Why should I bother being nice, when I can just send $100 to Meron and Have It All?)

PS: I promise YESHUAHS in the name to anyone who puts a LAG B'OMER message on my BlogAds. GUARANTEED! (if it doesn't work, tsk, that's just proof you didn't believe, you KOFER!)

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