Monday, May 16, 2011

What message is Hashem trying to send by making people run stop signs and drive erratically?

Unfortunately there have been a few terrible car accidents recently in the frum community. Why do you think this is happening?

A. Tznius!!

B. Women wearing Shabbos robes

C. Bochurim in Japan (I know, not our fault, but doesn't everything somehow come back to this?)

D. Bloggers

E. Working guys

D. Lipa

E. Long wigs

F. Internet (without ishur)

G. Women (not sure what, but it's always their fault)

H. Modern Orthodoxy

I. Chalav Stam

J. Natan Slifkin

K. Liberals

Did I leave anything out?

(Postscript - As I was about to post this I heard about a campaign being launched as a zechut for a few recent crash victims. This is the second time that this is being done; the first time, it was in the zechut of a young mother in a coma who "WITHIN A SHORT TIME OF THE POSTER AWARENESS CAMPAIGN, MIRACULOUSLY HAD A COMPLETE RECOVERY." The campaign involves posters warning against the dangers of texting and being busy with your phone... so far so good... are they actually going to acknowledge that doing this while driving causes accidents? Think of how many lives can be saved by this campaign. What a zechut! I was about to delete this entire post... but then I finished reading... "... during Davening.." And so ladies and gentlemen, I give you option L.)


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