Wednesday, May 18, 2011

what does it mean when there is no sauce for the gander?

Dovbear is having connectivity problems. He asked me to post this.

Once again I've been told a story staring some Hasidic rebbe and a pesky misnagid antagonist. As per the trope, the misnagid insulted the rebbe and was paid back for his insolence with various humiliations and suffering up to and including death. I don't know how old the story is. I don't know how to evaluate or establish its historicity.
But I do know there must be a dozen stories that follow this general outline.

Do the misngadim have any stories in which a Hasidic villian is paid back in this way? If so I have not heard them. If its true that no stories of this kind exist, I wonder what experts in the sociology of victimhood have to say about it.

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