Monday, May 02, 2011

Craziest thing I saw today

Shirat Devorah, queen of the credulous lunatics, has dug up a four-year old video of one James David Manning announcing that Barak Obama and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad have made a deal: Bin Ladin for Israel.

Honestly, this Manning sounds like a psycho, but judge for yourself. Here he is:

At 2:10 - [Obama pledged:] I'll give you Israel, if you give me a victory in Afghanistan. In the third year of my administration, I'll give you the Jews, you give me a victory, show the world that I'm a great military strategist and commander....

At 3:00 - Obama will say "give me Osama bin Laden...... and I will give you the Jews.... and the muslims can go back to the Dome of the Rock and never have to worry about the Jews at the wailing wall... That's the deal.

You, I presume, are not a credulous lunatic, but on the off chance Devorah is a reader of this blog let me point a few things out:

1) According to Manning, the deal was this: Obama gets bin Ladin and Afghanstan in 2008; in exchange Ahmadinejad gets the Jews in 2011. Obviously, the first part didn't come true (Obama got neither Afghanastan nor bin Ladin in 2008) so why should we believe any of it is true?

2) Just who is James David Manning? Why in the world should we take anything he says with more than a grain of salt?

It's sad and pathetic how people believe this garbage. Worse, is the nearly-respectable idea that Obama dislikes Jews and Israel. Where does it come from? What is it based on? Obama has been nothing but a friend to the Jewish people and Israel. The aid hasn't been cut off. The veto has not been withdrawn. All Obama has done is give Israel the same friendship and unconditional support every US president has always given Israel. He simply doesn't deserve the grief and insults he gets from credulous lunatics.

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