Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Propagated Misconceptions

Guest post from Akiva of Mystical Paths.

CNN writes - ...She left her high-powered, high-paid job as a Wall Street lawyer and moved to Israel in 1984. ... Baras moved her family to Karnei Shomron, a settlement deep inside the West Bank.

Here we find CNN propagating misconceptions again. "Deep inside the West Bank?" Karnei Shomrom is a 15 minute ride from Kfar Saba. How far do you drive in 15 minutes? To the local mall? Local grocery store? It's 30 minutes to Ariel, that's central West Bank, 45 minutes to Elon Moreh, that's about as far in as qualifies as West Bank, and another 20 minutes to the Jordan Valley (which, I guess, is past the West Bank.)

Perspective is an amazing thing. I recently had a Shabbos guest from Utrich, Holland. She mentioned she sometimes goes on a shopping trip to Berlin (Germany). I'm thinking, O M G, such distant traveling for shopping??? So I asked her, "how long does it take to get there." She answered, "about an hour and a half".

Apparently for this reporter, deep in the West Bank is a 1 hour trip from his hotel in Tel Aviv. For me (unfortunately), that's a frigging daily commute.

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