Thursday, October 05, 2006

Memo to Rabbi Yitzhak Alderstan: We can handle the truth!

The following sentance appears at the top of Rabbi Yitzhak Alderstan's latest post about biblical archeology:

"Where some people – perhaps wisely – stayed away from disciplines considered hostile to traditional beliefs..."

Ahh, the familiar fetishization of "traditional beliefs" Doesn't the man realize that "traditional beliefs" were different in every time and place? (For instance, Rav Hirsch's "traditional beliefs" accomodated evolution) Doesn't he realize that Judaism is a gift from God and therefore has nothing to fear from facts, evidence and arguments?

Let the biblical archeologists dig. Let them and the palentologists and the linguists and the rest of the acadamy compose their theories and make their arguments. If what they are saying is true it will prevail, and Judaism by defintion will adjust itself to the new facts.


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