Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Cliff Floyd's Boozy Blog

The Met's left-fielder pulled a hammy over the weekend, and is expected to miss the rest of the post-season. On his blog, though, Floyd, is more optimistic. [Cliff Floyd's Playoff Blog: I'll be all right ... I hope]

Here's his treatment plan: "I’ll just rub some champagne on it and see, or I’ll have a few beers. Maybe a few more, and by the time I get to Wednesday, I’ll be good to go."

L'chayim, Cliff. And kol hakovod to the suits who run the Mets for allowing this to be published. Lesser men at lesser organizations would have spiked it -or polished it up - due to concerns about their reputation for being "family-friendly." The Mets approach is honest and authentic and one I hereby salute.

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