Saturday, July 09, 2005

Praising the Godol Hador

I just this moment realized that I have not said enough about the Godol Hador and the bang-up job he's doing proving that a left wing religious blog can be every bit as obnoxious as your typical right wing pashkevel. And I want to stress that this ommission on my part isn't because the kanoim have visted me personally and threatned my home, my kids, my eyes. etc. Or anything like that. No sir.

It's just that when I try to explain the real value of what the Godol Hador is doing I find myself inadequate to the occasion. It isn't enough to say that he's fighting for truth, justice and the Torah way. (Also, that's a little corny, right?) Anyway, he's not Superman (as played by George Reeves) He's Luthor, our Luthor, terrible punctuatiion and all, doing his part to show that our system, like any system, has warts and worm-infested brown spots that needn't be ignored, and can even, with a bit of wisdom and honesty, be fixed.

My bottom line: If all GH manages to do is remind people that the Rishonim (and Samson Rephael Hirsch) embraced ideas that would have caused them to be read the very worst shiduchim in Brooklyn (I'm talking fat, stupid and zits) he's done enough. Kol Hakovod GH. Now link me in return.