Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Kerry's grades

Yale grades portray Kerry as a lackluster student - The Boston Globe
During last year's presidential campaign, John F. Kerry was the candidate often portrayed as intellectual and complex, while George W. Bush was the populist who mangled his sentences. But newly released records show that Bush and Kerry had a virtually identical grade average at Yale University four decades ago. (It is noteworthy, however, that Kerry received a high honor at Yale despite his mediocre grades: He was chosen to deliver his senior class oration, a testament to his reputation as a public speaker)
Big deal. Let's look at their lives after Yale.

Kerry: Highly rated and decorated volunteer in Vietnam, conscience-driven leader in the anti-war movement, successful prosecutor, effective senator.

Bush: Draft-dodger, law-school reject, failure at business, stock fraud perpetrator, recipient of government subsidies in his baseball venture, unwanted and unwelcome member of several corporate boards, piss-poor governor, first court-appointed President. Still a sentance mangler.

But he had a slightly higher GPA. Rah, rah.