Tuesday, June 07, 2005

For those following along....

Toby Katz (tries) to answer her critics.

Not easy. Not when her mind is so packed with condensed volumes of misinformation.

An example: "And from the very heart of the most advanced and most tolerant society in Europe came the most cruel persecution and the most cruel reminder that Jews cannot be Germans."

Of course, this drivel is three card monte, but see how clever she thinks she is? Mustn't trust reason, the finger wags. Mustn't trust progress. Mustn't trust tolerance. Germany had all that and look what happened.

In Toby's telling the outsize Christian contribution to the disaster -2000 years of massacres that prepapred Europe for the ultimate massacre- is neatly swept under the rug. In her version, a surfeit of liberalism killed the Jews.

I can almost hear her sigh. Perhaps it all could have been averted: If only those bleeding heart Germans had been a little less advanced, a little less tolerant. You know. More like Republicans.