Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Music, not Politics

I'm as happy as anyone to see the Hasidic Musician venturing into politics, and, I am sure giggling GOP-Jews everywhere had to go get their heart medication adjusted after readings DM's little zing at the Democrats today.

Unfortunately, he got the facts wrong. Let's fisk the offending post:
Al [Sharpton's] Big Idea

This anti-Semetic [sic] race-baiting demagogue, [check!] notorious [cjeck!] for his false accusations, [check!] demonstration leading, [check! -though it's hard to imagine "demonstration leading" is, of itself, wrong] and arson inspiration, [check!] who for some reason is taken seriously by Democrats [NO!] has a plan to end rap violence.
Democrats take Al seriously? In the primaries he took less than 1 percent of the total votes, scoring less than 30 votes in Maine and North Dakota, and ZERO (not a misprint) in Hawaii and Idaho.

More telllingly, he also lost the black vote in virtually every primary and caucus. As TNR tells it: "In New York, Sharpton's home state, Kerry beat him among black voters by 30 points; in California, he beat him by 49 points; in Georgia, he beat him by 51 points; in Virginia, he beat him by 52 points; and, in Maryland, he beat him by 55 points. And Kerry doesn't even have a particularly strong connection to the black community. "

That's not "being taken seriously." That's a joke.

Which is what Sharpton is.

[Updated December 24, 2006]