Tuesday, February 08, 2005


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OK, true believers its "go time."

The JIB finals begin on Monday, Feb 7, 2005, and you really should go vote. (afterwards dip your finger in some purple ink, so that you can show your friends and family that freedom is on the march, but only when the JIBs are open, etc.)

For reasons known only to the nominators, this serious, somber, blog of mine has been put forward in the following categories:

  • "Best Humor Blog,"
  • "Best Post" (For the Love of Torah); and
  • "Best Series" (Jews who love Christmas)

  • I'd really like to win. A JIB -in any category- would look great on my "wall of fame," next to the autographed pictures of me with the Moetzes Gedolei HaTorah, my Yated Ne'eman cover, and the "thank you for setting me straight" letters I've gotten from R' Mordachai Plaut, Zman Biur and SoccerDad.

    So do what you can.

    Oh, and it's one person, one vote per category, so don't make the mistake of casting your "Best Humor Blog" vote for, say Urban Kvetch thinking I won't notice you can go back tomorrow and even things out. You can't. One person, one vote per category.

    (I would like to point out, as you head to the polls, that UrbanK appears to have a wonderful social life, lots of friends, a strong feeling of self-worth, and a column in the Jewish Week --not to mention a loving and intimate relationship with the Prince of Darkness. And she knows how to spell! All I have is this blog. And no, I don't want your pity. Just your vote)

    Clicking here takes you to the voting pages (Humor, Post, Series) and thanks from the bottom of my shallow and cynical heart for putting me into the finals, DovBear afficianados.