Monday, January 17, 2005


Down in old Mississippi they're celebrating two holidays today.

Dial the Mississippi Tax Commission (601-923-7000 (really!)) and this is what you will hear:

The Mississippi Tax Commission is closed today in observance of Robert E Lee's and Martin Luther King's birthdays.

Losing generals get holidays? That doesn't seem very patriotic, does it?

In Yorktown do the Krauts shut down on Rommell's big day? In New England is Cornwallis remembered? Hey, I'll tell you what: let's celebrate Saddam Hussein Day next year; meanwhile in Israel, they're adding Yasser Arafat Day to the roster of recognized holidays.

Bigots here, bigots there, we see bigots everywhere. As Wonkette, from whom I lifted this piece suggests, this Mississippi compromise was probably just a way to get the fine, backwards, incest committing people of the South to acknowledge - however backhandedly - MLK and all the good he did to make our country a better, safer place to live.