Friday, December 10, 2004


"[Belief in] astrology, sorcery, oaths, lucky charms, demons, forecasting the future, and talking to the dead - all these are the essence of idol worship, and are lies that fools believe to be both true and wise, or were lies made up by the rulers to cheat the public. All these things are based on false beliefs, which have no point or use. He who believes that these are true practices -but forbidden by the Torah- is nothing but a fool. . . . the only person who will use these beliefs is one who is a gullible person who will believe anything, or a fraud who wishes to cheat the public." -- Rambam, Yad Hachazaka

Hmmm. Are we talking here about "Rabbis" who perform mofsim?

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How can there be two quotes of the day????

Inquiring minds want to know.