Monday, June 29, 2015

Tznius = Zionism

Last week one of you (I think it was Tesya) remarked that RWOJ Jews can be as nuts about Znius as the LWOJ Jews are about Israel. I think the observation has tons of merit, and can present a few examples:
  • On the right, a woman's entire worth is often summed up with the phrase "She's such a tzanua"; on the left "strong supporter of Israel" is the phrase frequently used to convey the subject's true value. 
  • LWOJ Rabbis are notorious for ramming Israel into every sermon. RWOJ  rabbis do the same with female modesty
  • The right brokers no dissent on matter of female modesty. Only the strictest interpretations and applications are considered valid. LWOJ Jews are the same when it comes to Israel; There is no grey: Israel is always right.
  • RWOJs use their synagogues to make known their views about female modesty. Some of the tools of this campaign are separate entrances and extra-high mechitza walls. Likewise, LWOJ prominently display Israeli flags on their bimas
I'll conclude by letting you know that Leon Weiseltier has a new article in the Atlantic about the auto-da-fé Jews like to conduct against Jews who express heretical opinions about Israel.

It's a wonderful piece, and the sort of thing every lunatic Zionist who visits this blog needs to take to heart. In brief, its high time they understood that we criticize Netanyahu and the IDF out of love, not self-loathing. We want what's best for Israel and for the Jewish people which is why we won't blithely and blissfully cosign everything the state and its leaders do in our name.

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