Monday, December 22, 2014

Exploiting the murder of two policemen

Here's a little known fact: Cops were killed back when Saint Rudy the Magnificent was NYC mayor. And no one blamed him for this.

I bring this up, because opportunistic Republican jackasses are lining up to blame DeBlassio and Obama for the behavior of the deranged man who shot two cops on Saturday afternoon.

For instance, here's former Governor Pataki jumping the shark:
And here is former NYPD commissioner and convicted felon Bernie Kerick demonstrating a similar lack of control:

They both seem to be employing the new GOP strategy:
  1. Take something tragic that unfortunately happens from time to time 
  2. Blame it on Democrats 
  3. Laugh all way to ballot box
UPDATE: Some of our so-called public intellectuals appear to be guilty of the same sin!
How can you possibly hold the mayor to blame for the unpredictable behavior of a crazy person?

Moreover, if DeBlassio is personally responsible for the stabbing in Crown Heights and for the Saturday executions, doesn't it follow that Giuliani is personally responsible for the sexual torture of Abner Louima and the killings of Amadou Diallo and Patrick Dorismond?

Of course, no one but an irresponsible blowhard would say that about Giuliani, but isn't that precisely what Gil, Pataki and Kerick are doing to DeBlassio?

Bottom line: Blue lives or Jewish lives vs  black lives is a false choice. When you suggest its one or the other you are making the problem worse!

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