Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Why won't the Israelis elect a grown-up?

I see. So a US official calls the Israeli Prime Minister a vulgar name, and its time to head for the mattresses. But when the US President gets insulted, over and over again, that's perfectly okay?

Before you guys start tearing your shirts and whining about disrespect, maybe take a glance in the mirror? If it didn't make you cry when Obama was called a socialist Muslim who hates Israel (all lies) it shouldn't make you cry when Netanyahu gets insulted.

If you thought it was OK for Bennet and Feiglin to insult US officials, including the president, and if you thought it was ok for Netanyahu to openly campaign for Romney, I don't see how you can respond to this attack on Netanyahu's character with an episode of the fainting spells.

Anyway, while the words the US official used were highly inappropriate, and should probably result in his dismissal, the point he made was spot on. Netanyahu is all bluster. He simply lacks the guts to do anything meaningful or historic in the manner of Rabin, Begin or Sharon.

Bottom line: What do you call someone who goes around the world crying that Iran is an existential threat to the Jewish people, but won't do anything about it when he obviously has the means at his disposal? Is there a word for that? Yes there is and the US official used it.

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