Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I agree. God can do anything.

Objections to Noah's flood are being answered with "God can do anything" which is of course true -- God can do anything. But I don't think the people deploying this counterargument quite grasp all that God had to do in the particular case of Noah's flood. So here's a short list:

  1. Erase the worldwide evidence of the global flood 
  2. Replace it with evidence that strongly suggests no such flood occurred
  3. Allow for all the animals to happily coexist on a rather small boat. Miracles here include space for the birds, climate control for the walruses and polar bears, space for the dogs and horses to exercise, and some unimaginable system for containing the insects. Also needed is some kind of automated feeding system, as there wasn't enough man power on the boat to care for millions of animals, and a way of providing nourishment to the carnivores who require live prey. 
  4. Following the flod, the fish stocks need to be replaced. Even if you hold that the fish were able to survive, the fresh water species and the tropical species were certainly imperiled by a flood that covered the mountain tops.  When you bring back the wiped out fish, remember to provide lots of clues that some of these species, such a sharks, have been flourishing successfully for millions of years. 
  5. Post flood you need to help the clumsy animals, such as giraffes, off of mount Ararat, and you have to return the marsupials to Australia. Again you have to erase any evidence that marsupials ever lived in southern turkey while also creating and placing loads of evidence that marsupials evolved naturally and ended up in Australia as the continents separated millions of years ago. Oh,and you have to do the same thing with penguins, polar bears, timber wolves and all the other animals that "belong" to a certain part of the world. Evidence that they were once in Turkey needs to be erased, and all the evidence that they ended up where they are today via natural means has to be created and placed.
And I'm sure there's more I've forgotten.

So yes, God can do anything. Just realize that in order to salvage the flood story you need to be prepared to say He did quite a bit, and some of it apparently was done just to mislead us, which hardly sounds very God-like

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