Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Hey Avi what about the people?

In his ludicrous article about how global warming protesters remind him of anti Semitic mobs, Avi Safran celebrates the polar bears who, thanks to warmer weather, now have lots of geese to eat. See he crows. Every Ying has a Yang. The earth can care for itself.

But what selfish Safran isn't seeing is that even if he's right that global warming may not be a danger to the long term health of the planet, it most certainly is a danger to people - like those who live in coastal areas.

We can also use some of that pesky empirical evidence to demonstrate that higher temperatures are making floods, fires and droughts more frequent and severe. Again, the planet may be able to withstand this, but the people affected by the floods, fires and droughts can't. Extreme heat waves caused by climate change kill tens of thousands of people each year and diseases once limited to the tropics are finding hospitable conditions in regions that were once too cold to support them.

So, yes, the earth might be able to take care of itself, but that doesn't necessarily bode well for the people living on it.

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