Sunday, October 05, 2014

How'd it go? Yom Kippur 2014 run down

Pesicha for Neillah: 4k
Highest appeal pledge: 8k
Length of break 90 minutes
Lateness of shofar: 6 minutes

Best crowd participation: Solachti
Best Chazan performance: Kol nidrei

Worst Chazan decision: hayom. We have an excellent traditional tune. Why use a Shiney shoe melody?

Number of people who owned up to using caffeine suppositories:2
Post Kol nidre bathroom line: formidable
Flavor of the snuff: menthol

Sermons: pre appeal introduction and a pre Neillah exhortation. Both short and quality.

Top high holiday piyutim
  • Labrit Hebet, the pizmon for Maariv. As explained by chief rabbi Saks it's thrilling in its audacity. (and let ArtScroll be criticized for providing an incorrect, neutering translation)
  • Unetana tokef, the musaf siluk. Its origin story may be bogus but it's still a masterpiece
  • Bmozei Menucha, the pizmon for the first night of slichot.
  • The other three Maariv slichot. All four are jewels.
  • Every mechaye that seems to take for granted that Issac was killed during the akeida and brought back to life.
  • Elah ezkira
  • Amitz koach
  • Melech Elyon. Chief rabbi Saks tells me half the piyut is ignored today. In the back of his machzor the entire thing is presented, with all the mortal king insults included. Wow. 
  • Al Yisroel. 
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