Thursday, June 20, 2013


These are some of the tweets I published this morning.

I feel like doing something for God and bringing additional holiness to the world. Maybe I'll stand on the street and shout at an 8 year old. #haredilogic

Maybe I'll prove my culture is superior and worth preserving by slandering an MK and rioting in the streets #haredilogic

Maybe I'll prove my great respect for women and their superior sanctity by greeting them with violence whenever they try to do any little thing I don't like #haredilogic

Maybe I'll prove learning Torah solves every problem and protect us from every misfortune by abandoning the bes medrash for a protest rally held under the banner of "Learning Torah solves every problem." #haredilogic

In ye days of olde, we had blog games here at DovBear. Remember? Anyone? In any case, this is an opportunity to play. Add your own #haredilogic in the comments.

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