Monday, February 06, 2012

Frum lack of perspective on OTD-ers

A guest post by Philo

Chani Goldstein: age 19, kicked out of her Yeshiva High School for smoking, ended up doing drugs and sleeping around, has no real place to live, has no prospects or job skills. She does not keep Kosher or Shabbos.

Rivki Schwartz: age 26, defied her parents who wanted to send her to seminary, managed to get a full scholarship to college, then went to law school while working part-time as a paralegal. She just passed the bar and has a job offer at a prestigious law firm. She does not keep Kosher or Shabbos.

Neighborhood yenta 1: "Oy, did you hear about Hindy and Shoimie Goldstein's daughter Chani? Nebach, she went off the derech! Such a shame, such a shame. Such a waste. And, oy, her sisters and brothers will have such a hard time with shidduchim."

Neighborhood yenta 2: "Yes, and the same thing happened with Malka and Chaim's Shwartz's daughter Rivki! Nebach, she went off the derech too! Oy, such a terrible shame, isn't it? What a waste of a Yiddeshe neshama! Her brothers and sisters are also going to have a really hard time with shidduchim."

Both shake their heads sadly.

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