Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Did y'all hear about this? Bashar Assad's email

Here are my takeaway points:

- Maybe Israel's military and political victories over these morons aren't really so impressive. Per the article, several top Syrian officials used 1234 as their account password. For realskie. This is a little like protecting your national borders with marshmallows, or supplying your navy with ships constructed from sugar. For all I know, Syria does this, too.

- The arrogance of these idiots takes my breath away. We're easily manipulated? A tired recitation of cliches such as "mistakes were made" is enough to wash away a career of blood crimes? And, IIRC, some Israelis share this low opinion of Americans. They also think we're bland, uneducated dopes, who'll fall for any hack PR gambit. 

- Which is not to say their stereotype is inaccurate. The blank-eyed simpletons you see on the Simpsons or Parks and Rec really do exist. There are people, eg., right-wing Christians, who salivate reliably every time the Pavlovian culture war bells are rung. The objection isn't that the Syrians are inaccurate, just that they use too wide a brush. 

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