Monday, June 07, 2010

Non-Religious Ladies, Beware!

A Guest Post By E. Fink

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I can't figure out if this is offensive, hilarious, not-news-worthy or somewhat remarkable.

If you go to and head to the women's store and click on skirts you will find a huge selection of skirts that no Orthodox Jewish Woman (and certainly no man) would wear. However, there is a nice long black skirt available that is sure to be a staple of the frum ladies this summer.

I am not sure when, but a little while ago, Gap realized that reviews would be a boon to potential customers. So now most products feature reviews by fellow buyers to help you make your decisions while shopping online.

The top (first) review for this skirt says:
Non-Religious Ladies, Beware!
Length: This skirt is really, really long on my 5'4 frame. I need to wear it with at least a one inch heal, otherwise it grazes the floor. This effect might be beautiful for a beach party, but it's a nightmare on the NYC subway system! Look: because it is so dark, so long and so full, you might be mistaken for someone who is religious if you wear it with a conservative top, so break out the slinky camis to wear with this. Unless, of course, you ARE religious! Then this skirt is perfect for you! The non-clingy fit and full skirt is very modest. Feel: because this skirt is so full, you can do a full kick outward with it, and walking is very easy. It makes me feel pretty, but is a bit heavy. I don't plan on wearing it in the very hot summer.
You might be mistaken for someone who is religious! Oh the horror! Better break out the slinky cami, you wouldn't want anyone to think you were religious!

At the least, the review is humorous. Is it something more? Probably not. But is was too good not to share...

Of note: the review was written by a woman living in Brooklyn. She is not Jewish and has her own blog.

Link: The item at (this link might expire - I have no idea how long they leave these up).

Screengrab: Click Here.

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