Thursday, June 24, 2010

Inarguable truthes about General McCrystal-gate

Had a four-start general criticized the president of the United States in some hippie rock-and-roll magazine when George W.Bush was president, you can be sure the brainiancs on Fox News would have sided with the president, and against the general. We'd have been reminded about honor and dignity. The words pride and service would have been repeated endlessly. We'd have been told that generals serve at the pleasure of the president which, come to think of it, is preecisely how the right-wing commentating community defended Bush's decision to cashier all those justice department employees. In short, the general, the militray, and Rolling Stone would have all been cheerfully tossed under the Geroge W.Bush-can-do-no-wrong bus.

With Obama, of course, its different. Obama is "thin skinned" (Ann Coullter) and trying to avoid looking like a "wimp" (O'Reilly) McCrystal, on the other hand,  is an "amazing American" (USA Today) who "didn't get the rules of engagement" or "boots on the ground" he wanted in Afghanistan. (Rush Limbaugh) and was fired (Limbaugh again)  to promote the leadership qualities "of our man-child president."

Aside: Remember how in To Kill a Mockingbird the lawyer kept calling Tom Robinson "boy", and how it made Dill sick to his stomach and sent him fleeing to the town square where we met Dolphus something-or-other the miscegenating,  fake alcoholic? "Man-child" isn't much better is it?

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